PTSD Service Dog working – details in description

PTSD Service dog working!

Sorry this is so shaky! I was on a week long vacation, which I went into a PTSD tailspin and was at the therapist at the end of this week of horrors and the waiting room was packed, which made my panic even worse! What’s not on video, after I turned it off after the lady asked if I “triained children” (which was funny! She asked if I had trained him. Which is why I corrected her about “am training” and “still in training”) is alerting to 2 horrid panic attacks and DPT after each. I don’t feel comfortable sharing that in video on the internet but I hope you can appreciate why and the footage I still managed to get.

Chopper did 100% perfect! I couldn’t of asked for anything better! After about a week and a half of no outside working and no public exposure! Of all days, I needed him to pull through that day and he did!

I wanted to dive deeper into his training this past week on vacation. Didn’t manage to do that but I did need to learn to trust in Chopper more and his training. He is way closer to being fully trained then I even thought! Hopefully, I can get him to the mall soon to really feel out where he is at in training. I am wanting to finally be able to bring him to work with me but I am not even going to try until I can feel out where he is. Stayed tuned for that. Oh, and I appologize for not getting out a video sooner.

Oh, and to add to the end here. The “attention noise” I am doing is a way to start to wean Chopper off the e collar and to learn to pay closer attention in general. Just to add, that’s why you hear that.

Source: Youtube