#PTSD & Severe #Anxiety~Brought On By #AbusiveAlcoholic #SerioslySickEx In Court~what happened.

#MyPTSD/AnxietyAttack #AbusiveSeriouslySickEx #Physical/Emotional/MentalAbuse. I suffered a severe PTSD/Panic/Anxiety Attack on 8/21/19. Here’s what happened. Hard to explain in 2/3 min! PLEASE! READ THE SHOW MORE HERE! It is hard to talk about PTSD, Anxiety, Suicidal Ideaolgies/Attempts & Depression I have suffered from. Yesterday I was thrown into a full-blown PTSD Episode W/High Anxiety & Fear-Based Freezing. Please, Friends if you or someone you know is suffering, listen. Lend a hand or ear. Your compassion & kindness really does matter! I hope that by sharing my story I may help someone. Darkness does exist & there are people here that are never going to wake up. Never going to find the light. I will continue to take good care of myself, emotionally, physically & mentally. I hope you all will take good care of yourselves too. Thank You, My Friends. A Special Thank You to My Friend, Cynthia Greer. Thank You All For Your Love & Support. I Send You All Healing Light, Love, Blessings & Peace, Always. We Are One Tribe! All Is Well & So It Is. Your Friend. I Love You. Anita

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