PTSD simulator

0:00-3:33 Russian Gameplay
3:34-7:57 Canadian Pre Round
7:58-10:12 Arrival At Mosque
10:13-14:50 Mosque Defense
14:51- 17:50 Friendly fire/Heavy Contact
17:51-19:30 Solo BMP Hunt/Kill Mission
19:31-22:32 Control Point Secure And Control
22:33-27:24 Solo BMP Hunt/Kill Mission
27:25-28:21 Getting Killed Post BMP
28:22-32:32 Mortar Crew Hunt And Kill
32:33-42:42 Returning To Capture Point
42:43-43:11 I Should Get A Fucking Medal For This
43:11-45:03 Running With Squad
45:04-45:56 I Should Get Another Fucking Medal For This
45:57-46:37 End Of Round

Source: Youtube