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This spoken word meditation or educational reprogramming is for those who would like to help overcome anxiety and PTSD symptoms.

Become PTSD, stress, anxiety or worry free by meditating and developing your emotional awareness.

When we are touched by a traumatic experience our bodies carry all sorts of memories that can then trigger to us have an occasional ‘freak out’ – an emotional flashback. In PTSD cased emotional flashbacks are the hardest to control, however not impossible.

From a personal experience, years after the trauma, occasionally things from the external world or even my own memories can push me into having an emotional flashback – trembling, tears, panic, fear, confusion, helplessness, grief, shame and these are only a few emotions to mention. Through regular practice of self awareness, scanning my body for emotions, I did learn that it is OK to go through an emotional flashback but I don’t have to unpack my things there and live in that state. There is a way out.

Exploring of self can seem like a confusing, vast and daunting task. But it is worth all the time and effort as the rewards are immense and no money can buy the deep sense of peace and confidence in self.

Spend some time getting to know yourself. You are worth it all.

Big LOVE, Rasa.

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