PTSD Stressors for VA Benefits Explained

Service connection claims for PTSD VA benefits require that a stressor be verified in order to be granted. Today, we discuss PTSD stressors, special VA rules surrounding service connection, how to verify your stressor for Veterans disability benefits, and special considerations and common errors to keep in mind when claiming post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 Introduction and Sensitive Content Warning
2:35 What is a PTSD Stressor? What Does VA Consider a Stressor?
4:58 Examples and Ways Veterans May be Exposed to a Stressor: Combat & Non-Combat
7:55 Service Connection for PTSD—Elements Include a Stressor Statement
9:42 Some Stressors Require a Lower Burden of Proof
12:00 In-Service PTSD Diagnosis
15:42 Fear of Hostile Military or Terrorist Activity and Combat PTSD Stressors
16:50 Evidence to Verify These Types of Stressors—Valuable Tips Here
23:15 An In-Service Personal Assault or Trauma (Including Military Sexual Trauma, MST): Alternative Forms of Evidence
27:30 Common VA Errors Verifying Stressors, Especially Personal Assault or Trauma
29:29 Common Errors VA Makes When Adjudicating PTSD Claims
31:55 How to Corroborate a Stressor Not in the Above Categories
34:32 Key Veterans Law Considerations for PTSD Stressors
35:45 Practical Tips for PTSD Stressors

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