PTSD, Suffering, and What to Think About Loss and Overcoming feat Katherine and Jay Wolf

Today, we’re stepping into Katherine and Jay Wolf’s story, which began when Katherine experienced a debilitating stroke 12 years ago. Coming out of that were a lot of questions, post-traumatic stress, and a myriad of complications. But also, an opportunity. We’re going to talk about what hope really is, how shame manifests in men and women differently, how to walk through post-traumatic stress, how to approach the unknown, and how a marriage survives repeated crisis.

We’ll also take a look into the deep desire to be fully known and fully loved as well as the modulation of our spirit and soul through trauma and loss. This conversation takes a pretty cool journey through the soul, so I’m excited to share it with you right now. And don’t forget, you can watch this very conversation on YouTube, too.

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