PTSD symptoms – Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder explained

PTSD or Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder is anxiety disorder which make the sufferer remember traumatic event and the event triggers anxiety. These traumatic events can be in the form of war, accidents, natural disasters, to sexual harassment.

There are some symptoms which can identified PTSD, they are:

Number 1. Memory of traumatic event
PTSD sufferer often remembering traumatic events. Even, the sufferer felt like he repeats the incident. And the memory of the event also often presents in nightmare, so it makes him emotionally depressed.

Number 2. Tendency to dodge
They don’t want to think or talk about the traumatic event. It shown by avoiding places, activities, and people who related with the traumatic event.

Number 3. negative thoughts and feelings
They also tend to blame other or himself. Other than that, they also lose interest on what they previously like and feel hopeless. They are also more aloof and find it difficult to establish relationships with other people.

Number 4. behavioral and emotional changes
They are often easily frightened or angry even if not triggered by memories of the traumatic event. This behavioral change is also often endangering other or himself. They also have difficulty on sleeping and concentrating.

PTSD can be happened on children and adult. But, for children’s, there are specific symptoms, which is reenacting the traumatic event through play.

Children’s with PTSD are also often having nightmare which directly connected or not connected to traumatic event he had experienced.
When you felt all these symptoms, it means you need professional staff to solve it. Phycologist will be very helpful for you to solve PTSD.


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