PTSD Trauma & Stressor (Episode 1): The Purpose of My Pain, Suffering & Loss

Diagnosed with Trauma & Stressor Disorder, Trevor Swenson lays the foundation for his purpose in discussing his personal journey with life altering trauma.

Authentic discussion, topics of interest, symptoms, healing activities, relationship lessons, encouragement, the tearing away of stigma and stereotypes, and hope of healing and open conversations is the objective.

This series will walk through as many aspects of living through, not in, a life with trauma and encourage people to get professional help, take care of & love themselves and others.

There is purpose to be found in pain and suffering. I hope you find yours and in turn, fill your life with serving others with purpose and YOUR gifts as you heal from trauma.

Do you have unresolved trauma, traumatic events, traumatic relationships, traumatic seasons that you haven’t processed in a healthy way? Or, at all?

My hope is that this channel will encourage you to be bold and courageous, not only for yourself, but for those who need what you have to offer. Even if that purpose and gift is cloaked in chemical dependency, alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, loss of interst/passion, sleep disorders or any of the other trauma symptoms, IT IS STILL THERE!

Start moving in your darkness, start facing your unresolved trauma. YOU are worth it!

Source: Youtube