PTSD Trauma & Stressor (Episode 15): My Alcoholism in PTSD

Pain. Suffering. Loneliness. Hopelessness. Anxiety. Depression. Trapped. Triggered.

Alcohol works. It works in the WRONG direction of your healing and recovery from PTSD, Trauma & Stressor-related Disorder and unresolved trauma. It masks anxiety, depression, flashbacks, relational issues and your purpose, only to rear its head as it gains strength…and your symptoms and trauma remain.

You are so much more valuable than to allow that to be part of your story any longer!

Admitting you have a problem is the first step in your soon-to-come victory. You DO have what it takes to overcome. You are more than enough and have the inner strength to overcome the stronghold of alcoholism.

It is a trap, that on the surface brings relief, but in the ends robs of everything: health, relationships, healing, mental capacity, finances…the list goes on.

There is hope! Join Trevor Swenson as he shares his experience becoming an alcoholic in his battle with PTSD…and his ultimate recovery and remission from Alcohol Abuse Disorder.

Lack of normal life. Loss of interest in everything…

It can all be replaced with life, a renewed sense of the strength of your will, improved relationships, pride, joy, self-control and healing!

Put in your ear buds and listen to a song that is incredibly encouraging to me. Enjoy!

Take the first step. It is a step of boldness, courage and strength, that will be honored in your ultimate recovery.

Just do it. Don’t let the thief of alcohol abuse steal your purpose and life that you have to live.

Source: Youtube