PTSD Trauma & Stressor (Episode 20): My Suicide Wasn't the Answer

Please watch this video:

This song states very well how I look at how grace re-wrote my story…and will re-write your story as well.

Along with deep depression, unrelenting anxiety, flashbacks, triggers, hopelessness, hyper-vigilance, chemical/alcohol abuse, exhaustion…and more, suicidal thoughts may creep into the battle with PTSD. They did for me.

In spite of those thoughts that crept in for me, my heart and God was telling me otherwise. I listened.

I am never alone, you are never alone. I am loved, you are loved. I am priceless in His eyes, YOU are priceless in His eyes.

People need what I have to offer in my life. People need what YOU have to offer in your life.

Choose life.

“You were found before you were ever lost…”, He tells us.
“He loves us as He finds us…”, He tells us.
“I was His before I was not…”, that I am confident in.
“He wears the scars for all of our mistakes…”, He does, ALL of them.

Fight on. Never quit.

Suicide is NEVER the answer. Suicide is a pain multiplier. Suicide continues and magnifies our trauma into and onto others.

It (suicide), as real as the thoughts may be, is NEVER the answer.

You are worth so much more than you will feel at times in your battle with PTSD, un-resolved trauma and/or Trauma & Stressor-related disorder.

Ask for help. Get help. You are loved. You have a life to live. You have purpose. It is simply being hidden by that which you are walking through (PTSD).

His grace and intervention WILL get you through.

Call if you are struggling. Be Bold. Tel:1-800-273-8255


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