PTSD Trauma & Stressor (Episode 24): My Intrusive Flashbacks

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Trauma & Stressor-related Disorder bring a broad spectrum of symptoms. Flashbacks are one of them. Flashbacks have been a battle for me. Flashbacks seem to be at war with normal life and quality of life.

Flashbacks trigger a spiral of emotions (anxiety, anger, fear, depression) that can make life challenging to navigate.

Flashbacks can yank you from the moment you are experiencing in life and put you right back into the feelings you experienced during the traumatic event or events.

In this episode, join Trevor Swenson as he walks you through his experience with flashbacks.

Be bold. Be courageous. Fight for yourself. Fight for those you love. Fight for those who love you.

Get professional help. It is up to you to make that powerful first step if you are struggling with anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, flashbacks, triggers or a sleep disorder that is tied to trauma in your life. You are worth it. You are beyond valuable.

God knew you before you ever were. He is full of grace, compassion and abounding love…for YOU. Never forget that. He is for you.

Source: Youtube