PTSD Trauma & Stressor (Episode 27): Loss of Trust, Refilling Your Slate

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma and Stressor-related Disorder and unresolved trauma can bring a very real sense of lack of trust.

It happened to me. It added to my anxiety, depression, hopelessness and detracted from my quality of life.

But then, I realized that, what I had initially was a huge negative obstacle, was actually an opportunity to rebuild relationships, boundaries and trust with a hand-picked pride of lions. These lions would end up being those individuals that protected, were trustworthy, persevered and were hopeful in my journey through PTSD.

Trust CAN be rebuilt. I found myself in a position of MORE awareness and a CLEARER definition of those attributes of people that would bring the best out of me and be healing.

We all need people. Overcoming the complete lack of trust was a journey for me, but every step of rebuilding that trust and seeing the goodness of people’s hearts has added to my healing.

Above all, moving closer in relationship to God, who is the ultimate example of trust, has strengthened my character through the suffering and perseverance.

Trust CAN be rebuilt.

As always, a song that has quieted my soul in times of unrest. He IS in control. He is for you. You are His and always have been!

Source: Youtube