PTSD Trauma & Stressor (Episode 91): Helping Someone with PTSD? Edify. Empathy. Hope. Understanding.

We all experience trauma in life. Trauma doesn’t discriminate. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, C-PTSD and Trauma & Stressor-related Disorder are silent injuries. Not only is it not confined to just our military, first-responders and law enforcement servants, it has many different origins for different people (like you and I). And, the effects of trauma and PTSD can be hard to talk about. Join Trevor Swenson, who is diagnosed with Trauma/Stressor Disorder (PTSD), as he walks through his experience in an open, authentic path. Wide ranging topics to help, inform and encourage others (and their family/loved ones) will be covered, as seen, felt, endured and lived out by someone walking in the dark, uncertain valley of PTSD. Trevor’s personal battle with PTSD and all that it can bring with it (chemical dependency, alcoholism, social aversion, sleep disorders, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, isolation, stereotypes, fear, social aversion, service dogs, emotional support animal, medications, therapy, and more) will be discussed in an insightful, down to earth, honest way. There is purpose in pain, even if it isn’t evident at the time. Help bring a bright light of hope to those who are silently suffering and bring understanding, empathy and validation to those affected by PTSD. Join us! You WILL get through the valley. Start moving!

Christ walks with you, always! You are never alone. He KNOWS trauma. He KNOWS your trauma.

Source: Youtube