PTSD. Trigger Warning!!!!

Trigger warning, this video talks about a lot of REAL things that happen way more then it should, and if I can spread the word as much as I can, and show people that just because something traumatic happened, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your life is over as you know it.

Apologizes in advance for everything I say, and bringing up other people’s trauma. NO NAMES WILL EVER BE SHARED.

I didn’t want to get too much into detail, because it still is a huge trigger to myself, but as much as I felt comfortable talking about in complete honesty, I shared.
Diagnosed with Chronic PTSD in November 2018, which is a result to childhood trauma, I won’t say much more then that, as I’m sure a lot of you already know what I’m talking about. (And just let it be known I wasn’t completely assaulted as a child, it was hands only, I can’t really talk about that because it brings me to a depressive state)
I held this in for many years, and I regret it because I know now, that this is one of the things that’s truly made me not trust people, be distant in relationships, and now I have a better understanding of myself and I’m more open to let people know what bothers me and my triggers. I don’t wanna hide it anymore. This is me, in complete realness.
I just truly want people to know that if they ever need a person to talk to, I will always be here for you. No matter if we know each other or not.

Source: Youtube