PTSD: War, homelessness, addiction and dystopian manga cityscapes!

How’s that for a video title?
Where did I find this book? How did I learn about it?
Those are questions even I can’t answer.
While I believe the book came out some time ago in France, it was a pretty recent release in English.
Guillame Singelin takes a look at a subject area you don’t often read about in comics, while wrapping it up in an exquisitely detailed style that screams mid 90s manga grittiness, which even the author admits was an influence while beginning work on the book. It shows, and I love it.
The English translation flows pretty smoothly. I’ve read a few French books where the dialog was a bit stilted and odd, but I didn’t feel that was the case here.
It certainly tackles its serious subject matter in an interesting visual way. There’s been a lot of love and care poured into this book. I love how lived in the world looks. I also can appreciate that this book exists in a very morally grey area. The protagonist, Jun, may end up at odds with the criminal underworld, but they’re no better or worse than she is- they’re just trying to survive as well, forced into their position in much the same way the government shunned the vets upon returning from the war.
While the subject matter is pretty bleak it does end on a more uplifting note at least.

Take a look if it sounds remotely interesting!

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Source: Youtube