PTSD: What Is It?

PTSD occurs when your body has experienced more trauma than it knows how to handle. These traumatic experiences can be from emotional experiences, physical experiences, or a combination of both in instances where you feel as though your life is in danger. After suffering from PTSD for years, I overcame it and I am passionate about helping others in doing the same by providing a safe space and community to begin your healing journey. Please visit my website,, to learn more about beginning your journey of overcoming PTSD, the A Million Dreams Foundation and the community available to support you.

I am also offering tele-seminars and online events to help clients during the ongoing pandemic. These include an upcoming 3 call series, Violet Fire Activation Sequence, beginning on September 10th and Overcoming PTSD while Embracing Spirituality, a free online seminar where I’ll be sharing more about my personal journey on September 12th.

A recent client said: “Baz has helped me to see things clearly, start on my healing journey and connect once again to spirit. He helped to soothe my fears and said it as it was, which was exactly what I needed. Can’t recommend highly enough!”

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