PTSD What triggers us, our coping skills. Please don't target us.

How are you coping with living withPTSD? What are your coping skills? Have you had suicidal thoughts? Do you feel alone? Misunderstood? Are people telling you, you need to work? You would be happier if you would go back to work? Why are you so depressed? You need to learn to love yourself. Go outside and get some fresh air. All you do is sit around all day doing nothing. Feeling sorry for yourself?

Are you also suffering with stomach issues
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Low B and D deficiency
Memory Loss
Sleep Apnea or poor sleep patterns
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Mood Swings
Swollen Limbs
Tingling and burning sensations
Throbbing pain in your hips
Back Pain
Knee Pain
Neck Pain
High Blood Pressure
Low or High Blood sugar
Issues with weight gain
Low self-esteem
Feeling helpless

Source: Youtube