Question 20 Genocide is illegal according to international law. What

Question 20 Genocide is illegal according to international law. What is the basis for the illegality of genocide? 1) Just world theory 2) The restorative justice doctrine of 1994 3 The second chance law of Utrecht The 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide Question 21 Hutu extremists quickly seized control of the Rwandan government and began genocide after which of the following events occurred? Rwandan president Habyarimana was killed after his plane was downed in Kigali Kenyan President Moi declared war on both the Tutsies and the United States 20 Belgian troops were killed by a roving band of Kenyans 4) Paul Kagame and the RPF invaded Nairobi Question 22 The voting rights act of 1965 accomplished which of the following? 1 Eliminated a poll tax for voting Eliminated a literacy test to qualify people for voting Eliminated the test of good behavior to qualify people for voting All of the above were eliminated by the voting rights act of 1965. Question 23 –12 Romeo Dallaire suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder after serving as the commanding officer of UNIMAR. Which of the symptoms were part of his condition? Irritability, outbursts of anger, sleep disturbance, and difficulty concentrating 2) There were no problems 3) Symptoms of schizophrenia 4 Dehumanization of others AnswerNeed Help With Your Writing Assignment?Contact Me I will Write Paper For

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