Quick recovery mood crashes bipolar, PTSD. Shutdown intense emotions.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Mood a little elevated in this video but not extremely.

Made this video so can see contrast of how quickly I recover from mood crashes now.

Combination of:
1. finding meds that are helpful (I choose to be minimally medicated otherwise like a zombie).
2. staying moderately fit (started with walking – music helped)
3. trying to get enough sleep (meds and moderate exercise help)
4. trying to eat something decent – some protein helps with moods, I find. I don’t avoid all carbs nor all fat.
5. rest for a few days with the mood crash but try go for a gentle walk
6. ways to express my mood & underlying emotions

Have gotten fitter with coping with it over time with various strategies.

Intense emotions are one of my biggest PTSD triggers, hence shutdown – whether my emotions or someone elses. Music helps with this. Also all forms of creative expression, no matter how small. Even the 7 layers of messy nail polish I’m wearing.

I like being a bit elevated. Contrast makes life interesting. I don’t like being flat-lined (eg if overmedicated to try and suppress).

I rapid cycle on meds but the episodes are now less severe. More frequent, less severe. Also after having done a lot of processing, mainly with creative expression which I have demonstrated in some videos.

Source: Youtube