Race Based Trauma Starts in School

Race based trauma starts in school
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Racial Trauma starts when you’re young. In the day cares and in the school system. In this video i discuss the signs that a child may be experiencing racism in school and what you can do about it. You have to be involved in your child’s life. Pay attention to the signs. If your child is problematic, they are acting out for a reason and that reason is most likely, racism they’re experiencing in school. Listen to your child before you listen to your teachers. If your child doesn’t like a specific teacher, ask questions. Why don’t they like that teacher?

Black people are traumatized and regularly re-triggered through micro-aggressions as a result of anti-blackness. Racism is destructive and can cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This abusive behaviour has been normalized by the oppressors as well as by black people. Because its been normalized, black people are suffering. This channel is centred around self care and black mental health. As black people, we need to find healthy ways to take care of our health while we cope with these daily stressors. #racialtrauma #blacklivesmatter #racisminschools

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