Racism and Ableism at the Hamilton Police Station

10 weeks ago I was in a car accident. A man side swiped me as I was turning right into the Upper James Walmart plaza. He came out looking intoxicated saying he wasn’t at fault. He charges at me aggressively which triggered my PTSD and I start defending myself telling him not to get in my face. He left the scene without providing his information.

When I went to the Division 30 police station the police officer there wouldn’t even listen to me. He got there first and lied to her about what happened. She believed him before giving me a chance to speak. She started screaming and yelling at me. I told her to stop speaking to me that way before I explain she was triggering my post-traumatic stress disorder. She screamed “I don’t care!”

I immediately started hyperventilating and called 911. When the ambulance arrived I was having a full-blown anxiety attack. I legs were numb, arms were tingling and my blood pressure, heart rate and respirations were elevated. I ended up being shipped out to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

I just wanted to show you the way Hamilton Police Services treats Black people and persons with disabilities.

Source: Youtube