Re-Parent Yourself – SELF SOOTHE

Stop Explaining Racism –
Stress Is Killing You-Racism Trauma

Black people are traumatized and regularly re-triggered through micro-aggressions as a result of anti-blackness. Racism is destructive and can cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This abusive behaviour has been normalized by the oppressors as well as by black people. Because its been normalized, black people are suffering. In this video I will show you a great way to self soothe. We learn to self soothe in our childhood. We are supposed to pick these skills up from our parents but our parents have limitted coping skills as well, so we have to learn this skill in our adulthood. Re-parent yourself – Self Soothe. I will show you one way, using the five senses, to self soothe. I will also talk about the Window Of Tolerance so you really understand this concept! #selfsoothe #racialtrauma #reparenting

Source: Youtube