Recovering mood crash. Disabilities. Tangents to create. Bipolar. PTSD.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Yesterday I had a big mood crash that had been building up for a while, as I suppress and shutdown emotions to the extreme, until it it all comes flooding out. I quit the hardest of my minimum wage jobs as I haven’t been coping with the increasing demands for the past year.

When the mood crashes are especially big, I need to ease off with some of the pressure. I have limited reserves, everything takes me longer than other people and I need to focus on what is really important to me. Which is my advocacy work in the form of creative expression as therapy, having a voice and helping other to have a voice.

Some people are dismissive of disabilities, with an attitude that it’s like a broken leg that can be fixed. Especially if they can’t see obvious physical disability. I don’t like showing it, but I videoed some of the processing in the mood crash to show that yes, I do really struggle.

If I don’t practice self-care, which includes working within my limitations, then I will have yet another breakdown, which then makes things much much worse – like being in a serious car accident & having permanent disability as a result – like my Nana.

One of the core themes in Pet Purpose: Your Unspoken Voice is disabilities – for pets and humans. Highlighting bipolar mania with PTSD.

Pet Purpose is available on Amazon as a softcover and e-book version:

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