Recovery Tools for Childhood Trauma PTSD. Healing Your Wounded Parts Within

When trauma happens to you as a child, a part of yourself gets what I call…STUCK IN TIME.
That ’little girl part’ or ‘little boy part’ of yourself literally gets stuck in the emotions & perspective of that traumatic moment.
Most often, you end up creating protective mechanisms that are very much needed to keep you from further trauma & abuse. However, what I have seen over & over with our clients is that we grow into adulthood keeping these very same protective walls around us; but they are no longer needed because we are safe NOW.
Unfortunately, our inner parts continue to see the same perspective as they did at that very same age & moment of the trauma. They continue to hold onto coping mechanisms that kept you safe as child, but are now no longer needed as an adult.
After exhausting many years & multiple avenues of healing for my own childhood trauma: sexual, physical, & verbal abuse (and my husband‘s childhood abuse as well); we have compiled all the recovery tools that we found worked to Free us both from daily triggers & disassociation.
The majority of our inner healing was completed about 10 years ago. And we have now spent the last 8 years ministering a specific process to others that re-evaluates previous protective mechanisms that were TRUTH at the time of the trauma, but may no longer be true, or still serving you well today.
This Gentle Process is absolutely amazing at not only Reaching, but Healing & Freeing the ‘hidden parts’ of Yourself that are still stuck in trauma, pain, fear, body memories, daily triggers, & or memory loss. There is never any digging, but only asking that God: the Spirit of Truth reveal new perspective to that part. And not every part of yourself will be ready for healing, or ready to let go of some of their protective mechanisms. And that’s okay. There is no shame in that.
It can be soooo hard to let go…so hard to see truth when your childhood was flooded with deception & lies. I recently had another mini-healing as well (hence, the hand washing). I too, am still in process. I’m also thankful that my adult children have all gone through this process to receive healing for the wounds I may have caused as well.

Unfortunately, my husband and I don’t have the time needed or the ability to multiply ourselves to be able to continue to help so many people since the process takes about 2 -3 hours per session.
But we want to get the information out there.

This is why I have written a book that will be published soon.
It is a teaching manual, a HOW TO… step-by-step process for therapists to use with their clients, and for partners to use with each other.

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