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Our modern psychologists believe that dreams may help people process daily experiences, particularly those that are threatening.
When specific dreams become more prevalent, it may be that your mind is pointing toward essential facts about your daily life. Your mind may be trying to solve a problem during sleep that you haven’t been able to resolve while you are awake.

Consistently having bad dreams may be a sensory trigger from movies, music, or events you witnessed during the day.
If you wake up from recurring dreams in the early morning, this may arise from a mood disorder like anxiety or depression, which is preventing you from a healthy REM cycle during the night.
Those trauma survivors who get PTSD are even more likely to complain of nightmares or bad dreams which are one of the 17 symptoms of PTSD.

A harrowing event will not disappear since it is filed away in your subconscious, waiting for a trigger to release it that can cause post-traumatic stress disorder dreams, otherwise know as PTSD dreams.

Repressed experiences often are revealed in dreams as it is easier for a person to deal with it in the dream state. These dreams are referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder dreams or PTSD dreams.

A PTSD dream can also become recurring dreams. Or if the memories are repressed the dreamer could have dreams that are filled with symbolism, although experience the feelings that occurred during the incident.

Triggers for PTSD Dreams

– Vegetarianism, especially the Indian cuisine and Indian Desserts.
– The smell of a distinct odor such as NAG CHAMPA insence
– Marathons.
– The word combination MOUNTAIN SILENCE.
– Someone walking around in an Indian Saree
– Watching OUTLANDER on Netflix, Captain Randall triggered the dream

Or anything else that is similar to your past situation.

LATE Diagnosed Autistic – got my diagnosis in 2020 at age 46!!

They assumed I was “just”shy. That was true. But there was more to the inability to connect with other kids or people in general…
But I alway loved animals.
Unfortunately, I was not allowed to have any pets. So horses became the one possible option and I looked after one particular horse for many years, she was my best friend and carried me through the very difficult time of adolescence,

It appears that there was a speech delay.
My dad told me, I started speaking at age 3, but then I did it in 2 languages:
Swiss German to my mother and
Czech to my dad.

But there was also a SELECTIVE MUTISM issue going on, in particular at school and for many additional years.

Only after I overcame shyness at roughly age 43 (!)
Only so much later I started to work on my language too (by myself) by making those youtube videos, that was like self-impose Speech therapy. So it helped me to become more fluent in speaking and reading.

Where you can find me:

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