Relaxing music,Flute,anxiety meditation,PTSD,depression,study music,morning Meditation,WUAUQUIKUNA

Relaxing music,Flute,anxiety meditation,PTSD,depression,study music,morning Meditation,WUAUQUIKUNA

Our Pink Touch-Relaxing Music Channel gives you a Peaceful Relaxing Music for deep sleep with beautiful nature landscapes. Сan be used to fall asleep fast, to get rid of anxiety, as Meditation Music, Music for sleep, sleeping music, Yoga , Spa massage Music. Also this music is perfect as dream music, Healing music, Study Music, Sleep Music and Total Relaxing Music,focus music.

We provide pink noise music and white noise music, Brownian noise for better relaxation and healing and to vibrate.

Doctors say that relaxing music releives anxiety, depression and stress. Our channel provides excellent ambient music to get rid of your insomnia, stress, depression,PTSD. Our calming music, binaural beats, relaxing music helps to ovecome your mental health issues like Generalised anxiety disorder,PTSD, sleep disorders, mood disorders,sleep problems as add on therapy.

Most common mental health problem worldwide is Generalised anxiety disorder and we help you to get rid through our anxiety meditation. Our Relaxing music,meditating music,sleep music can be used as power nap music, morning yoga music,yoga for beginners, considering family meditation. Also it can be used as study music, work music, background music, power nap Hypnosis,sleep hypnosis,massage music,zen, reiki healing, Divorce Meditation.

Our music can be used as baby sleep music, toddler music for calming, for alleviating temper tantrums, to elevate positive vibe in children. To de-addict children from mobile phone, games, tv.

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SLEEP MUSIC by Luis and Fabian Salazar
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