Relaxing Ocean Music and Images for PTSD and Anxiety Relief

Welcome to Relaxing Ocean Music and Images for PTSD and Anxiety. Relax and let your anxiety wash away as this Relaxing Ocean Music and Images soothe and help you to relax.
Our stunning images of beaches combined Relaxing Ocean Music takes you to beautiful beaches from around the world. Coupled with calming music and the sounds of waves and seabirds.

As you listen to this meditation music – imagine yourself sitting on a tropical beach. As the waves roll in your anxiety diminishes. Let the calming music and images transport you and relax your mind.

Numerous studies have shown that meditation can help relieve the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Regular meditation can calm the sympathetic nervous system which controls the body’s fight or flight response.

There is a chance of flashbacks during meditation so always meditate in a safe environment. This may exclude group meditation because an unfamiliar environment can feel unsafe and become a trigger.

This is why I created this music and videos for my own use at home. The calming music coupled with the sounds of different nature sounds enables me to imagine myself in a forest, on a beach or beside a river. It is my hope they help you too.


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📜 Mindful Moments

Welcome to Mindful Moments you home for music for PTSD, calming music for anxiety and meditation.

At the start of 2019, I was diagnosed with PTSD. This was the result of shooting I was involved in back in 1988.
I had been living with PTSD undiagnosed for over 31 years.
So I began my journey to recovery and an important aspect of that has been meditation.

It was important to find music that was calming and soothing, music for anxiety and to relieve stress. Another important step in the journey was connecting with nature.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to set foot on a beach or to wander in a forest and sit by a river.

So I decided to create my own music and combine it with stunning images of the beauty that is all around us. Thus Mindful Moments was born.

I select relaxing music created by talented artists and combine it with sounds of nature and then pair it with amazing footage. The result is the unique music for PTSD and videos you see here on the channel.

Feel free to use the videos on the channel as meditation music, music for study, as music to calm anxiety. The relaxing sounds in these videos can help you.

I have created music for sleep as well, In these videos, the screen dims after about 20 minutes in order to reduce ambient light. (If watching on a device I recommend going full screen.)

It is my hope that you find these video helpful in your journey.

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This work is not intended to substitute for professional counselling or medical assistance. If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help.


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