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frequncy – 852 HZ- A return to GOD. Also means releasing FEAR.

I AM MANIFEST INC is blessed to share with you this light language channel and activation which is based on returning you to love, which is to release very intense trauma and addiction. This is an activation based on the intentions we created for a divine soul who is struggling at the moment. To release, we asked to release all addictions, PTSD and all old belief systems, release depression, release lower mind from being in control. Release Suicidal Tendencies, Release childhood trauma and abandonment. It was a very intense energy that was coming through. IF it gets tough, just lean into it. Don’t run away from it, don’t fight it….just let it happen, release. CRY AND RELEASE this deep rooted pain. Surrender into your shift. Let it Go, Let it Flow. Let it Go, Let it Flow. Release to Reveal. I AM READY TO KNOW WHO I AM, I RELEASE WHAT I AM NOT. Throw it all away. Throw away everything you’ve been lead to believe about you. Be the firm and loving parent to yourself. BE LOVING AND FIRM…BUT BE LOVING.

I am a reiki master, pellowah teacher, light language channel and quantum DNA energy facilitator, intuitive counsellor and life coach. I’m also an Akashic Records Practitioner as well as Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher. I am available for distant sessions and in person in Vaucluse, Sydney. Private Sessions can assist you to have a huge shift, so if this resonates for you, feel free to check out my website and drop me an email. The best sessions are where I merge all of my modalities into one session so you’re benefiting for working on your heaven and earth, mental, physical and spiritual bodies all at the same time. Release and Awaken all that serves you xxx I am also able to channel in wisdom from the Divine Mother and Father, Ascended Masters, Divine Source and can activate anything at all. We are only ever limited by our own imagination and belief system. The world is your Oyster and I’m pleased to be of service and assist you in your self love, empowerment and mastery. Light Club also has workshops running in Vaucluse in Sydney and where we offer group healing activations and also private sessions in person and world wide via distant sessions.

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