Releasing Emotional Trauma with Whole Body Vibration Therapy

“Releasing Emotional Trauma with Whole Body Vibration Therapy” demonstrates how one can shake off the many layers of emotional trauma using a whole-body vibration machine. When an animal is under attack it has three options: Fight, flight or freeze. Humans often go into freeze due to cultural suppression and repression and are unable to follow their body’s wisdom. If the body thinks it is under attack but one is shunned from engaging a fight or flight behavior then the person actually engages in a freeze response. Several examples are being shamed, peer pressure, guilt, etc. Our trauma therapy program using a whole-body vibration platform, is an excellent therapy for anyone doing the following work: Somatic Experiencing, Emotion Code, Trauma Release Exercises, Eft, Hoʻoponopono and many other works that help to release stored subconscious trauma memory. If you suffer from psychological and emotional trauma symptoms including frozen emotions, psychic trauma, childhood trauma symptoms, post-traumatic stress disorder, then please try our releasing emotional trauma with whole body vibration therapy program.

In order to release the freeze response and psychological trauma after a life-threatening event, animals go through a ritual of intense shaking and trembling. If they don’t engage in this ritual they die. Humans obviously are not engaging this behavior when their nervous system goes into freeze and “die a thousand deaths.” By utilizing whole body vibration therapy one can start to release emotional trauma and psychic trauma (intense thought formations). Trauma symptoms are so devastating on so many levels and many struggle an entire lifetime with never finding a solution. We need innovative approaches using deep somatic access tools.

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