Releasing Trauma with Tracey Osborne & Pantea Kalhor, PTSD Self-Healing Show

In this episode of PTSD self-healing show we talk about:
✔️PTSD is manageable and you can cope with it but the pain stays there.
✔️You can have peace in your heart if you realize that life continues
You should accept your past that it happened, live in present and look into your future
✔️Forgive yourself and others.
✔️Remove the toxic relationship from your life.

Known for her honest, open, and bold approach to women empowerment, Tracey Osborne is a Trauma Release Coach, helping survivors release their past and create a life they can cherish. A rape and domestic abuse , Tracey connects with women on a global scale to support them in their healing; bringing them the tools they need to move past their past and create lasting self-transformation. No longer a silent victim, Tracey uses her voice to make an impact and encourage others to do the same through her teachings of empowerment. Her mission is to raise awareness, facilitate change and empower women to reclaim their voice and inner power. She is host of the upcoming podcast, Releasing Trauma. She is editor-in-chief of Daring Woman Magazine and host of the upcoming new internet TV show, Today’s Daring Woman.

Source: Youtube