Relevance Of Expanded States Of Consciousness In Healing Trauma, Depression, Anxiety & PTSD

Hi, I’m Michaela Williams, QRISTA Clinic Director, Founder of QRISTA Method®, Trauma Integration Consultant, Stress Disorders Recovery Guide, Neo Shaman, Integrative Medicine Doctoral/PhD Student, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Transformational Breath® Facilitator. I have been researching and analysing the mechanics of trauma for 13 years. What I learned is that expanded states of consciousness offer us the perfect environment for trauma integration, resolution, release. To heal psycho-emotional imbalances efficiently, it is necessary to come out of the conditioned imbalanced state to experience ourselves beyond trauma, beyond emotional injury and beyond negatively conditioned mindset. Expanded states of consciousness also saved my life.

I help my clients heal adverse childhood experiences and recover from depression, anxiety and PTSD in personalised transformational QRISTA Programmes (in clinic stays and video consultations), Executive Private Clinic Retreats and Online Live Courses.

13 years ago, I hit rock bottom. I was unhappy, depressed, anxious, dissatisfied with myself and life. This was when i turned my life around and began an intense study, training and research of trauma field in its many forms. I was training in ancient body mind systems, western eastern psychologies, shamanism, natural medicine, energy work, breathwork, meditation, neuroscience. And step by step healed childhood and adulthood trauma, transformed my mindset. And then met the love of my life. I was happy. I loved my work and my life.

THEN I GOT VERY SICK. Whilst training abroad, I picked up a cocktail of debilitating illnesses including lyme disease and coinfections, and 3 years later had to stop working and ended up bedridden, needing 24 hour care. Additionally I was diagnosed with a rare pancreatic disorder, adrenal insufficiency, could not digest any food, hadnt slept for 2 years, and struggled with excruciating pains day and night. (i was often hallucinating from the pain) I was just skin and bones and navigating a fine line between life and death.

I SURVIVED AGAINST ALL ODDS, IN TRANCE STATES. Thank goodness for all the previous training because without it I would not be alive today. My body was dying but my consciousness kept it going. It was in these trance states that I was able to plan the many stages of my complex recovery, get some relief and higher guidance to survive the ordeal.

When my body began to heal and the pains subsided, I realised the tough journey left me with a severe post traumatic stress disorder and daily numerous panic attacks. I had extreme anxiety and depression, my body would shake and go into a panic attack for no reason and without a trigger. I knew I had to repair my brain, and nervous system.

I USED QRISTA METHOD® TO RECOVER FROM SEVERE PTSD, AND HEAL MY BRAIN AND NERVOUS SYSTEM. I was free of panic attacks, anxiety and depression completely within 3 months, it took another 3.5 months to improve my cognition (memory, focus, speech). I worked with my brainwaves almost daily, had lab tests done, developed a recovery supplementation program, increased brain nutrition, worked therapeutically with my body, mind and spirit . I restored my brain and cognition, released trauma, healed my nervous system, began sleeping again.

This entire experience pushed me to the absolute edge. I was undergoing shamanic initiation. It transformed my understanding of trauma science, consciousness, health and healing. It also confirmed that the human spirit is indomitable and with the right care, the body and mind heal efficiently.

I share below more about QRISTA Method®

* QRISTA Trauma Integration Session – carried out in expanded state of consciousness, in gamma brainwaves. In gamma, the mind is super focused, the body is profoundly relaxed. In this expanded state of perception, I take a client on a journey to clear internal conflict, heal root causes of imbalances and trauma, release tension, restore safety, and harmony. The process is gentle, deeply relaxing, comforting, and the effect of each session is immediate and cumulative.
* Emotional Mastery & Mindset Training – I teach the client potent techniques that transform the mindset and clear subconscious negative patterns.
* Balancing Supplementation & Nutrition
* Lab test referrals to identify neurotransmitter imbalances and deficiencies that could be contributing to stress disorders symptoms.

Additionally, I offer Transformational Breath® sessions to my clients. Transformational Breath® was developed by Dr. Judith Kravitz and is a cutting edge breathwork modality that helps clear suppressed emotional blockages from the body.

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Have a beautiful day. Love and Peace Michaela

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