Reliving my ptsd.

Yesterday cops arrested me for trying to shop and stand up for my rights. This happened at Giant Tiger (store number 446 )1441 Main Street winnipeg. The manager Theresa Gerylo was extremely ignorant to my plea to show her my rights and the law here. She would not even consider my exemptions. I am trying hard to forgive her because She is clearly so brainwashed with fear. No one would even listen to me or look at my info I was trying to show them from our government website stating I am allowed to shop without a mask.
I am home now I am safe. But I am injured and my body is not well. The corruption in this world is real.

Pray for our corrupt Government
Pray for our corrupt Cops
pray for the brainwashed cops
Pray for all the others who are brainwashed out of fear 🙏

And last but certainly not least pray for the warriors who put ourselves out there everyday to fight for truth and freedom. ❤️🙏

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