Remix Sakura talks about health, hiatus, and hope (April 2018)

Hey, adventurers – Remix here with a bit more of a public-relations apology for our content-deprived listeners. It’s been so bad that this was recorded in April, and didn’t finish editing until August (and the hiatus has been going since January), but it gives the most insight into the life of a content creator suddenly thrown into a serious medical disorder.

Summary / tl;dw:
– Remix has been unable to podcast, work, or function due to extreme, debilitating fatigue, among other symptoms, brought on by a severe anxiety disorder.

– Mental health is an extremely important, yet extremely difficult, part of our health to be treated properly in the US medical system, which is why recovery has been so damn slow.

– Severe anxiety disorders, like Panic Disorder and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (as compared to Generalized Anxiety Disorder) are very poorly understood by the public, even in geek communities. Severe anxiety disorders are life-threatening on multiple levels if left untreated.

– Remix is very stubbornly fighting this, but as of April wasn’t better enough yet to resume podcasting just yet.

Source: Youtube