Report Reveals Facebook Content Moderators Experience PTSD Symptoms and Drug Use

Employees are allowed two 15- minute breaks, one 30-minute lunch and an added nine minutes of “wellness time” per day. However, the Verge reported that most of the workers said that much of the time spent is waiting in long lines for the bathroom where three stalls per restroom serve hundreds of people. People have reported employees using these stalls to have sex at work to cope with the stress of the job. Other have chosen to lactation rooms, which was such an issue last year that management

A spokesperson from Facebook announced in a statement, “We value the hard work of content reviewers and have certain standards around their well-being and support. We work with only highly reputable global partners that have standards for their workforce, and we jointly enforce these standards with regular touch points to ensure the work environment is safe and supportive, and that the most appropriate resources are in place.”

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a type of mental health illness that people go through after they have experienced something traumatic and life-threatening in their lives. These situations can be a car accident, natural disaster, sexual assault or during the war.

It is normal for people to experience upsetting memories, feeling on edge or even get trouble sleeping after they have experienced such traumatic events. During the first few days or weeks after the event, it may even be difficult to go through a daily routine of going to work, school or even spend time with people that you are close. However, most people start feeling better a couple of weeks or months after.


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