Rewire Stress, Trauma and PTSD Symptoms Away

Hi, I’m Tanya, I worked as a women’s health nurse and founded a nonprofit to help survivors of abuse.
Some of my work has been featured at the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL in New York City, CBC NEWS, VOX Tablet and IHEART RADIO.

I created this program at:

For ANYONE suffering from:
Troubled Relationships
Trust Issues
Difficulty sleeping
Weight Problems

In my never seen before, cutting edge masterclass, you’ll be given 1-1 therapy by a licensed therapist and discover how to…

Rewire and rebalance your inner emotional state to reach greater chemical balance and nervous system homeostasis, by integrating skills from these therapeutic disciplines into your daily routine for just a few minutes per day:

✔︎ How to provide resolution to painful or uncomfortable emotions through techniques from Somatic Experiencing Therapy
✔︎ How to rebalance your nervous system’s chemical homeostasis through Exercise Therapy
✔︎How to rewire and update negative trauma belief cycles through cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques
✔︎How to release lingering trauma energy trapped in the body through Dance Movement Therapy techniques
✔︎How to unlock your inner spiritual and energy healing techniques
✔︎How to rewire and rest your nervous system through art, drama and play therapy techniques
✔︎ How to rest and rebalance your nervous system through Nature Therapy techniques

So if you’re tired of suffering from emotional trauma due to loss, abuse of any kind including neglect,
If you feel ready to let go of your panic attacks, anxiety, chronic fatigue, migraines, emotional eating, depressed mood, difficulty sleeping or focusing,
If you want to live a life free of emotional pain and traumatic memories,
And you’re ready to face your demons, understand them and make peace with them…
Then I want to personally invite you to pre-register for the only She-Powered female expert masterclass by powerful influencer survivors who have been through trauma themselves (no more white privileged males who were never trauma informed talking to you about trauma 🦸🏽‍♀️ 🦹🏼 🦸🏾‍♂️ ) called….

‘How To Rewire Your Brain To Heal Trauma In 10 Minutes A Day’

Register here to let your healing take on a whole new meaning:

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