Righteous Responders Podcast Episode # 4 (My PTSD Walk)

Welcome to episode # 4 of the Podcast. I’m happy to be sharing with you and hope that you will share this episode as well. You are on the ground floor of something epic, as a change is coming! 1st Responders will NOT be hidden in the shadows! I will NOT remain silent in the struggle with our PTSD anymore! Not on my watch!

In this episode, I share more of my personal PTSD experiences, including my day to day! I discuss the struggle with PTSD and the organization I started to assist 1st Responders, 1st Responders PTSD Connection! PTSD.Help

I’m here to help the helpers, and you are the difference in this mission!

*Some viewer’s may find a couple topics difficult to hear! Viewer discretion advised!

Det Joe Locus

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