Rise of the Tomb Raider Gameplay Walkthrough part 19 – The End of another great adventure

Another adventure has finished. It was a great game, and I loved every bit of it. Will Lara find the source, will it take it or will it destroy it? What is this artifact? Watch this video to find out!

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Rise of the Tomb Raider plot:

One year after the events of Tomb Raider, archaeologist Lara Croft is struggling to explain her experience of the supernatural on Yamatai and is experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder. Looking for answers, she turns to her late father’s research on the lost city of Kitezh and the promise of immortality. Her father’s partner, Ana warns Lara that her father, Lord Croft’s obsession with Kitezh drove him to ruin and suicide. Lara ignores her and organizes an expedition to the Forgotten Cities in northwestern Syria, hoping to uncover the tomb of the Prophet of Constantinople who is a key figure in the Kitezh legend. The tomb is empty, and Lara is interrupted by Trinity—an ancient order of knights turned paramilitary organization investigating the supernatural—and their leader, Konstantin. As she flees, Lara discovers a symbol etched into the tomb which she links to a book on Russian religious history in her father’s study at Croft Manor. She learns of an artifact called the Divine Source; said to be capable of granting immortality. After arguing with her friend Jonah Maiava regarding the artifact’s existence, a Trinity assassin infiltrates the manor and steals the book, prompting the two to go to Siberia.

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