Roblox Music Video Painted Smile {Amy’s Instablity}

Describes Amy’s childhood and how she became psycho.
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Song: Painted Smile by Madame Macabre

Summary; Amy’s sister. Her name will be identified in a few episodes in the future or future music videos. Amy’s sister suffered mental issues. She felt absolutely no emotion what so ever. She was abusive. Amy’s sister threaten to leave and burn the house down. When Amy was born. She saw her as a target to abuse. She took all the pain built up inside her and let it go. By beating the living day lights out of Amy. Amy became traumatized and developed post traumatic stress disorder. Every time her sister would abuse her, her sanity would lower and lower. Even at school. Bullies thought of her as a target. Amy has been dealing with it for so long. She began to act like her sister. One day her sanity lowered to the lowest of all. And she took it out on the school. By attempting to burn it down. In a couple episodes back her friend Alison turned herself in, claiming she had put two cops in a coma by herself. And now she’s facing charges. Find out more in future episodes or watch the previous episodes!

Source: Youtube