Rolling Thunder and Rain BLACK SCREEN for sleep relaxation sounds

Rolling Thunder and Rain
A soft rolling rumbling thunder sound with relaxing smooth rain behind it. This storm has an almost constant soft thunder rumble that lullaby’s you to sleep.

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Recorded Created and Produced by
David A Keller
Copyright © 2016 Consuming Fire Artistic Creations
All rights reserved.
LLC David A Keller
All Original Audio

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Play this video to relax or for insomnia to help them sleep. Nature sounds like this river, waterfall, ocean waves, rain, thunder, and lightning help lullaby you into deep relaxation. A waterfall produces a calming noise similar to white noise. White noise also masks ear ringing (aka tinnitus ). Soothing, calming rain for ASMR. Dream in a relaxing bed of flowers. Find it difficult to get to sleep.
Are studying and need a soothing background sound.
Feel anxious, nature has been shown to have a calming effect.
Suffer from Tinnitus. Like the sounds of nature in the background while you work. Live in the city but would like the sounds of nature while you walk. Feel depressed, nature sounds can be uplifting.
Have a child that gets to sleep easier with relaxing nature sounds. Wake during the night and would like nature sounds in the background. Have pets which can be entertained with nature sounds. Are in hospital and would like nature sounds.
Miss the countryside, use these sounds as a reminder.
Have noisy neighbors, block out their sounds with these.
Just want to relax with the healing sounds of nature.
Can’t get out into nature, use these as a connection.
Travel to work by bus or train, relax with these sounds.
Are stuck indoors with a herd winter.
Are being distracted while trying to do homework.
Would like these calming sounds while doing housework.
Are doing exercises indoors and these sounds help concentrate.
Are having a massage. Want to stay calm in a doctors waiting room.Want a soothing sound to meditate with.
Do yoga.Feel periodic bouts of anger, calm down with these sounds.Can’t concentrate.
Will never see the countryside.
Want to trigger happy childhood memories of the countryside.
Have too many distracting sounds in work.
Practice Reiki. Have pets at home while you’re at work, play video for company. Stressed out stuck in traffic. Enjoy peaceful nature sounds while jogging. Prefer sounds connected to nature while flying. Suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Like the sounds of nature while reading. Have too many distracting thoughts in your head. Want nature sounds in background while playing computer games. Easy listening for your inner ear and soul.
Calm ocean, waves, beach, sand, wind, reiki, yoga, ASMR.
Sounds of rain, beach waves, waterfall, flowing river, thunderstorm, birds, and white noise for relaxation and meditation.
Sonidos de la lluvia, las olas de playa, cascada, río que fluye, tormenta, las aves, y el ruido blanco para la relajación y la meditación.
Sons da chuva, ondas de praia, cachoeira, rio fluindo, tempestade, pássaros, e de ruído branco para relaxamento e meditação.
비, 해변의 파도, 폭포, 흐르는 강, 뇌우, 조류, 그리고 휴식과 명상을위한 백색 소음의 소리.
Звуки дождя, пляжных волн, водопад, течет река, грозы, птиц и белого шума для релаксации и медитации.
Suoni di pioggia, le onde sulla spiaggia, cascata, fiume che scorre, temporali, uccelli, e il rumore bianco per il relax e la meditazione.
Sons de pluie, les vagues de la plage, cascade, rivière qui s’écoule, orage, les oiseaux et le bruit blanc pour la détente et la méditation

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