S3E8 Dr. Glen Brooks, MD: What Ketamine Is + How It Helps with PTSD, Depression and Pain (w/ intro)

Dr. Glen Brooks explains, based on decades of ketamine research, why post-traumatic stress isn’t a chemical imbalance and really much more of a structural problem. He explains how ketamine can fix the neurons in our mood centers so that we PTSD sufferers can have a normal mood again.

Ketamine is a very good drug and it’s a very safe drug. Dr. Brooks’ success rate is 85% to 90% for someone under age 30. And between ages 30 and 50, the success rate is 80%. For over 50, the success rate is worth giving ketamine a try if nothing else has worked for you.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of material about ketamine that frighten patients and frighten the parents of young adults who should be coming in for treatment. There’s always the argument that ketamine is a recreational and addictive drug and that we don’t know the long-term consequences of using ketamine. Well, that’s just plain incorrect. We do know the long-term consequences and there are no bad ones. No addiction comes from any of the clinics that administer ketamine properly. There’s absolutely no dependence on this drug at all.

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Glen Z. Brooks, MD. has dedicated himself to the treatment of depression and neuropathic pain syndromes with Ketamine Infusion Therapy. A Board Certified Anesthesiologist, he completed his residency and pain fellowship training at Harvard’s Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston Hospital for Women and Boston Children’s Hospital. He has been a faculty member at Yale University School of Medicine, Chairman of Anesthesia at Cabrini Medical Center in Manhattan and is a member of The American Society of Anesthesiologists, The New York State Society of Anesthesiologists and The American Academy of Pain Medicine. If you or a loved one is suffering from disabling chronic pain or depression that has not been well controlled by other treatment, Dr. Brooks may be able to help.

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