Sam Taylor, Sussex Support Centre, at the 2019 GMB Campaigns for Justice Conference

Sam Taylor spoke at the 2019 GMB Campaigns for Justice Conference about her experiences and the work that she does.

“In our recent report, 88% of victims of stalking met the criteria for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and would have benefited from referral or treatment. PTSD is responsive to treatment and we are perpetuating isolation and the social restriction caused by the problem if we do not standardly provide effective intervention.”

Established in 2019, Sussex Stalking Support aims to bring people together to reduce the impact of stalking. Through group work and one-to-one support, we aim to fill the significant gap in services designed for individuals who are affected by the relentless and isolating nature of stalking. Serving Brighton and Sussex, we sensitively address the broad and complex issues entailed in these experiences.

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