Sample DBQ And Nexus Statement for PTSD

This is my Disability Benefits Questionnaire and Nexus Statement for PTSD. I walk through the entire report from my Board Certified Psychiatrist in this video. I filed a Va Claim for PTSD a few years back but I did not properly complete the application and instead of PTSD I ended up with a 50% Mental Health rating for Unspecified Anxiety Disorder, Unspecified Depressive Disorder & Episodic Alcohol Use Disorder.

On the first page of the report, the doctor does the diagnosis for PTSD (Combat) and he also diagnoses me with Somatic Symptom Disorder which is a Mental Health Disorder that is associated with my service connected left foot problem. I am a combat veteran and I have the combat designation on my DD 214. As I should get the benefit of the doubt from the VA on my PTSD Claim, I did not want to mess it up a second time so I got my private Psychiatrist to give me a diagnosis, a Disability Benefits Questionnaire, and a Nexus Statement.

As you go through this DBQ with me, you will see that all the different criteria for PTSD all relate to the level of social and occupational impairment that I have associated with my disability.

Source: Youtube