SCARED OF THE MICROWAVE- My understanding of C-PTSD and OCD from my narcissistically abusive mother!

This is another personal vlog entry. I wanted to start off by talking about the nature and experience of what c-ptsd, or complex post traumatic stress disorder actually is, and then towards the end I go on to explain how deeply rooted my own denial was in my perception of what was actually my mother’s negligence and abusive tendencies. I thought this was important to share because our own denial often flies so far under the radar, especially if it something that we have lived with our whole lives, that we may not even be able to distinguish the reality of when we are being our real selves anymore, and when we are actually only displaying the narcissists projected and intentionally scapegoated behaviors. It’s a sad, sad, reality to face, when we want to believe that somebody we care about loves us. But the sad, sad, and unfortunate truth is that the healing is on the other side of the pain!


A Journey Through The Universe – Lesion X

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