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stories about how scuba diving is helping people with mental health issues are on the up and up and it’s really changing the way people look at scuba diving. So we want to share the story of Jane Miceli and how scuba diving changed her life forever.

Jane struggled with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder which she had been dealing with since middle school, sadly Janes mental health was exacerbated by traumatic events in her life, she had lost a mentor to suicide, Jane suffered a bad concussion on a scuba dive in Mexico and she lived through trauma when she needed a cesarean section for her child, but sadly the epidural failed to numb one side of her body.


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Neptune Warrior

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Shaun Johnson: Media Producer
Mark Newman: Writer/Presenter
Nick Townsend: Cameraman/Audio Technician
Alannah Hughes: Presenter
Greg Eames: Presenter
Sam Tate: Presenter

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