“See Me” A New Documentary Film on Child Abuse

In an interview with Rodney Arbona for No Excuses Show, Rita Ciolek, writer, director, producer and Marianna Mankowska, animator, graphic artist, and co-producer discuss “See Me” – a new documentary film on child abuse currently in development. The film will explore long-term consequences of child abuse trauma including: mind-split, emotional dissociation, complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), “soul death,” narcissism, intergenerational trauma, recovery and healing, forming healthy relationships, and re-building of self-esteem. The film will focus on the stories of women who were exposed to abuse during childhood and who experienced trauma related to these experiences later in life. The purpose of the film is to educate audiences about the psychological impact of child abuse, and to support women who were abused during childhood in their healing process. Stay tuned to more news about this important and timely project!

Source: Youtube