Self-Care Session: Overcoming Anxiety and PTSD as a Women of Color with Aisha Beau Johnson

In this episode, I have an empowering conversation with Aisha Beau Johnson who’s a writer, digital content creator, and speaker, specializing in beauty, lifestyle, and wellness.

Prior to her career as a digital content creator, Aisha was a fashion publicist. During her career as a fashion publicist, she planned and executed a number of press events, New York Fashion Week shows, and brand launches.

We discuss overcoming anxiety, people-pleasing, and PTSD in order to take back control and step into the most empowered versions of ourselves.

You can find Aisha on Instagram here, on YouTube here with over 1.3M views, her IGTV series Black in Blogging, and visit

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Hosted by Candy Washington, founder of 1214 Media Productions, the executive producer and screenwriter of Narcissist, a film on Amazon Prime that explores mental health in the age of social media, author of Triggered, a thriller about codependency, and the keynote speaker at WellnessCon.

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*This podcast is a supplement to your self-care practices and not a substitute for a relationship with a licensed professional.

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