Self-care to recharge batteries with bipolar, PTSD, anxiety

Today I had a self-care day. I used to get called ‘lazy’ if I slept in but I no longer feel guilty about doing so. I stayed in bed all morning (even though I was awake), then made myself something nice to eat, then had a relaxing bath with deep conditioner in my hair. Later I went for a short walk. I’ve decided to go to an art exhibition opening evening even though I rarely do anything social.

I recharge with self-care because I get fatigued extremely easily with bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder. I work part-time and yesterday when I had nearly completed my work for the week, my brain started shutting down and I started going into a dissociative state. This happens when I have exceeded my threshold, which is much lower than for other people, because my brain is constantly busy.

Self-care is important to recover from and to prevent burnout. Self-care is also important for me to avoid extremes in mood episodes. Stress is a very big trigger for me. Other forms of self care are creative outlets such as art and music. Occasionally, I get a massage with someone I trust.

I am an extreme introvert and get very drained with socialising, although I can sometimes enjoy one-on-one time with someone I feel safe with. I spend a lot of time alone to recharge.

Source: Youtube