Self-Diagnosing: Why Anorexia? Thoughts on High Sensitivity, Autism and Post-Traumatic Stress

When I committed to fully recover from Anorexia 1.5 years ago and having weight-restored for over a year now, I have been researching the possible causes for having developed an eating disorder in the first place. I have taken to self-diagnosis after unsuccessful therapies for over 13 years. This isn’t to say that no therapy works for me but at the moment what I am finding most helpful is accessible online. In this video I share some thoughts on recent scientific hypotheses regarding the causes of Anorexia and how they might relate to my own experience.
Very recent studies are coming close to supporting potential links between Autism in women and Anorexia. There are also hypotheses, however, that highly sensitive people (HSPs) and/or sufferers of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) increase the risk of eating disorder development. Moreover, I reflect on whether my past of Anorexia could have been the consequence of a combination of these conditions.

Please consult the following link if you wish to read the full article I in part discuss in my video. It’s taken from the Autism / Asperger Network and was written by Kim Wutkiewicz. A wonderfully helpful bibliography of related readings is attached!

Asperger and Autism Spectrum: Women and Girls

A recent Ted Talk by Niamh McCann further emphasizes the difficulties for females who’s Autism has been undetected or misdiagnosed. Time for this to change:

Another inspiring figure is Savannah Ryder who herself recovered from Anorexia after discovering she had Asperger’s. More here:

Dr. Pooky Knightsmith on recovering from Anorexia once her treatment was adjusted to her diagnosis of being autistic:

On Neurodiversity and Asperger’s in Women:


On girls with Autism and camouflage as coping mechanism:


Please note: The videos I am uploading to this channel are a reflection of my own experience. I am not a clinician, specialist in eating disorders or a psychologist but hope to raise awareness about topics that I have found to be intertwined in the large picture of disordered eating.

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