Series Premiere: My Mental Health & Addiction Story

In a thrilling emotional roller coaster, 23-year-old Entrepreneurial Creative and Former Junior A Hockey Player, Rick Nicholson returns to podcasting and kick-starts his new series by shedding light on his dark past of sabotage as well as his struggle with mental health and addiction problems in brutally honest and vulnerable fashion.
He explains in full detail how he became addicted to the usage of stimulating drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines to avoid confrontation of post traumatic stress, significant character flaws, as well as countless opportunities and relationships tarnished throughout his rampage.
Now nearly a year into recovery, he reveals how he used hard lessons and life altering experiences to develop a strong sense of mindfulness, self-acceptance and adaptability as well as how he plans to utilize his platform to manifest change going forward.

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Source: Youtube