Sexual Abuse: How do we recover & how long does it take? Mental Heath Videos with Kati Morton

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How do we recover from sexual abuse & how long does it take? Mental Heath Videos with Kati Morton

I wanted to begin addressing the topic of sexual abuse and how we can heal and overcome it. The first part of recovery from this is to take our time!! Yes I know it feels terrible and we want the pain to end now, but we do need to take our time healing. We have often been stuffing this all down for so long that we may be overwhelmed with it at at first. But know that it will get easier as we work through it.

I would encourage you to pick up The Courage To Heal Workbook and begin this journey of healing with me! Today we will begin to work on feeling safe. How do you know if you feel safe? Have you felt safe before? What does safe feel like to you? Take your time thinking about this, because as we work through this I want you to have this safe place to return to. If you haven’t felt safe before, and you don’t think it exists, what beliefs to you have that support that?

So pick up the workbook, and subscribe!! And know that we will get through this! xoxo

Kati Morton, MFTI

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